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Reiki Infused Blue Moon Candle

Reiki Infused Blue Moon Candle

Embrace the enchanting power of the full moon with our handcrafted Blue Moon Candle, infused with the essence of mystery and transformation.

Awaken Ancient Magic:

Juniper Berry Doterra Essential Oil: Channel the legendary properties of juniper - love, protection, prosperity, and wisdom - to enhance your intentions under the full moon's glow.

Blue Sunflower Herbs: Adorn the candle with the vibrant hues of blue sunflowers, symbolizing intuition and spiritual connection.

Lapis Lazuli & Blue Aventurine Crystals: Let these captivating gemstones elevate your experience. Lapis Lazuli ignites wisdom and clarity, while Blue Aventurine fosters good luck and inner peace.

More than just a flame:

4 oz. Soy Wax: Our eco-friendly soy wax burns clean and long-lasting.

Reiki Infused: Imbued with Reiki energy for an extra touch of balance and well-being.

Light the Blue Moon Candle and:

Set intentions for love, prosperity, or clarity under the full moon's powerful influence.

Create a sacred space for meditation and reflection.

Invite good luck and positive energy into your life.

This limited-edition candle is the perfect companion for anyone seeking to harness the magic of the full moon. Order yours today!

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