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Smoking Cessation 
Turn one day into Day 1

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Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way to help people quit smoking.

In the hypnotic state, you can activate our own resources to curb cigarette/vape cravings. Hypnosis allows us to enter an altered state of awareness, through strong relaxation and a willingness to make a change. This allows the subconscious mind to channel and address underlying desires and block negative habits, to accomplish the goals we want to achieve. Hypnosis works to amplify and activate your own inner existing desires like the wish to quit smoking. When your unconscious has the proper information you don't have to try not to smoke; the urge is simply no longer there.

What is included in a Hypnotherapy Smoking Cessation?

12-15 hours of therapy

Identify Triggers

Discover Habit Motivations

Behavior Modifications

Mindset Management

Weekly Bonus Sessions

Daily Support & Coaching

and more....

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