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Celery Seed Oil

Celery Seed Oil

Apium graveolens


Sourced from the celery plant, Celery Seed essential oil improves digestion when taken internally.* It is soothing to the skin and adds to a comforting after-workout massage.



Celery was used as early as the 5th century by the Chinese, and is widely used in Indian Ayurvedic practices today. Conventionally grown grocery store celery looks nothing like the celery seen at local farmers’ markets. The celery plant grows up to three feet tall, is bright green, and radiating with life. Celery has a complex, strong, sweet, and spicy aroma. The plant takes two years to fully mature and produce its small fruit, which are tan to brown in color. The seeds are the primary repository for essential oil. Limonene, the dominant constituent, puts Celery Seed oil in the same league as the refreshing citrus peel and fir needle oils. Soothing digestive issues is one of the many benefits of Celery Seed essential oil.* Experimental research suggests that it may soothe muscles and help joint discomfort when taken internally.* Celery Seed oil creates a calming, relaxing, and positive environment while providing cooling and soothing effects.



  • Consume one to two drops of Celery Seed oil morning and night to promote healthy digestion.*
  • Soak in a relaxing, sleep-inducing Epsom Salt bath adding three to four drops to warm bath water.
  • Blend with Fractionated Coconut Oil for a soothing massage. 
  • Diffuse to promote an uplifting and positive mindset.

Directions for Use

Diffusion: Use three to four drops in the diffuser of your choice. 
Internal use: Dilute one drop in 4 fl. oz. of liquid or use in a veggie cap. 
Topical use: Dilute one to two drops with a carrier oil, then apply to desired area. See additional precautions below. 


Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor's care, consult your physician.  

Usage Tips

Primary Benefits

  • Supports nervous and digestive systems*
  • Calms the body and mind
  • Cleansing both internally and externally*

Aromatic Description

Sweet, warm, earthy, spicy

Collection Method

Steam distillation

Plant Part


Main Constituents

Limonene, β-Selinene

When you need a cleanse, make Celery Seed essential oil your new go-to. When taken internally, it soothes digestion and cleanses.*

What Are the Benefits of Celery Seed Oil?

You’ve probably already heard all about the benefits of a celery juice cleanse, but do you know the benefits of taking the essential oil? Celery Seed essential oil has digestive benefits, similar to what people tout the celery juice cleanse for.* 

In addition to promoting healthy digestion, Celery Seed oil supports the nervous system when taken internally.* It is also soothing to the skin. 

Where Does Celery Seed Oil Come From? 

The celery you see in the grocery store is not the part of the celery plant that Celery Seed essential oil comes from. The celery plant grows up to three feet tall and takes two years to fully mature. When its matured, it produces fruit, which is small and tan or brown in color. The seeds, which is where the essential oil comes from, are found in the fruit.

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