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1 Year of Coaching

52 hours ( 1 hour per week) of all of my services.

  • 1 hour
  • online

Service Description

This package deal is a great opportunity for people interested in improving their personal or professional life. With 52 hours of your services, clients can make significant progress towards their goals and achieve the results they desire. Each of your services has its unique benefits. Hypnotherapy can help individuals overcome negative patterns and behaviors by working with the subconscious mind. Reiki is a holistic technique that promotes relaxation and healing by channeling energy. Spiritual coaching can guide individuals towards a deeper understanding of their purpose and connection to the universe. Business coaching can help entrepreneurs develop skills and strategies to grow their business. Life coaching can assist individuals in identifying and achieving their personal goals. By combining all these services, clients can benefit from a well-rounded approach to personal and professional growth. Additionally, the savings of $2,600 is a significant incentive that makes this package deal even more attractive. Overall, this package deal is a great opportunity for anyone looking to invest in themselves and improve their life.If you or someone you know is ready to shift, evolve, transform, grow and heal in 2023 this is the perfect gift. Together we can attain a peaceful, relaxed and balanced state of being, overcome destructive behaviors and set achievable goals in all areas of our life. Together we can make 2023 Extraordinary!

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The Oasis Holistic Healing, Posse Trail, Stillwater, OK, USA

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